It might be for the balustrades or the bling that comes with it, along with the stern security – there must be a new address for every buyer somewhere across the entire UK. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have plenty to offer for those who are looking for a real estate property, be it residential or commercial.

However, the price of real estate varies according to the market conditions and it is impossible to predict with hundred percent certainties. It may be that the price of old and proven locations has fallen, while a new skyscraper under construction at the suburbs is an investment hotspot. It doesn’t matter whether you are new in the investment arena or a seasoned expert, real estate can take you for a rough ride!

In this section, we aim to make you aware of the current best locations for investment on real estate properties. The areas discussed here have been chosen without any bias and it might be that when you are reading the article, the priorities have already changed (although not likely to be so in the next couple of years).


In general, London has been and will continue to be a prime real estate investment market in the foreseeable future, due to reasons that are quite obvious.

In London, a few specific areas demands special attention in the upcoming days and our analysts suggest that these locations will be a hotspot for real estate investment.

Among these locations, the most important one will be Limehouse. In this area, the real estate prices will shoot up due to the vicinity of the Olympics facilities and related infrastructure. Also, the financial sector of this area is gathering steam and is contributing to the increase in real estate price. In the areas that are near to the Dockland Light Railway stations, residential buildings are available at best rates for sale as well as rent.

Another good opportunity for investment is available at the area of Elephant & Castle, especially at the south with homes being further from the Thames River. Our analysts are expecting a regeneration nearing to £1.5 billion over the next decade, and are therefore a lucrative opportunity for real estate investors.

According to our analysis, the third most lucrative option is the Kew village, which is already famous for the notoriously high home prices it demands. However, for the time being the prices of the houses up the river at the north are still affordable, and many new development plans are on the cards.


This old city, known for its textiles, is one of the best locations to invest in England. For sports lovers, this city is the home of two of the world’s best and most popular football clubs – Manchester United and Manchester City. Also, the fact that BBC has relocated to Salford also makes this city one of the most exciting options.

Add to that the Wythenshawe Park, which often hosts hip and happening music shows and has a big capacity, and this city becomes an even more compelling place. It is expected that by 2015, the Metrolink tram service will double its size, with the extension between Picadilly and Tameside to open pretty fast. People buying homes in this city will eventually be able to commute and access the center of the city without spending much time, especially from the areas in the eastern suburbs.

Oxford and Cambridge

Both these cities are excellent destinations for all those scholarly minded people with academic interests or an inclination towards intellectual pursuits. The cities bustle with student activities all round the year and is quiet and beautiful. In short, you will have plenty of bliss in life if you choose to invest in a home at any of these two university towns. Apart from that, almost all the major companies of the world has their eye on the top quality talent on these institutions, making these cities good enough to build contacts and pursue a job that is satisfying by all means. There are also plenty of hospitals, stadiums, and entertainment spots, making these cities the favourite choice of many. Regarding real estate properties, the prices are a bit on the higher side and if you decide to invest there now, you can be sure of getting a very good return on your investment, as the rates are all going to increase.

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