Care Home Rooms For Sale

Many of you may never have heard of investing in care homes rooms for sale in the UK. However, this is the next big thing in the property market. This is an opportunity to invest in a fairly new venture, care home rooms work in a similar way to hotel rooms. You invest in a care home room for sale and you receive an income from it.

Why are there care rooms for sale in the UK?
In the UK, as in other developing countries, the gradual increase in life expectancy means there are far more people who are older than 65. Simultaneously, as a result of the government’s decision in 2008 to effectively stop subsidising care homes, the number of care homes in the United Kingdom has declined by more than 50%.

This has happened over the last decade, from around 46,500 facilities to some 21,000. These two factors have contributed to a high demand increase and generated this exceptional opportunity when added together.

Buy to let beds and how much will you receive and for how long?
For 25 years, you will receive 10% (net income). You don’t have to do anything but sit back and enjoy your income from this ethical investment.

How do you choose a good care home?
This is where you will need to do your homework. Look for a good care home that is highly recommended, either in your area or choose somewhere in a good location. It goes without saying the better the care home, the more income you will receive.

Look for a care home that is in pleasant surroundings, comfortable, and has a good amount of rooms for sale. This means you have a choice of rooms to pick from. When families choose a care home for their loved ones, they choose somewhere with countryside or park views. The rooms need to be of decent size, and they must feel homely and be comfortable.
Some residents can get out and about. Therefore the care home needs to be close to shops and public transport, which is a huge advantage.

Why should I invest in care home rooms for sale, UK?
There are several reasons why this investment opportunity should be grasped with both hands:
Prices may begin from as little as £71,950
10% NET guaranteed revenue
You should expect a return on average of £35,975 over 5 years.

What are the benefits of investing in a care home room for sale, UK
You can choose between a 5-25 year investment period.
There is an advanced exit strategy buyback after year 5 from 110%.
Make the most of this great investment opportunity with instant returns.
There is a professionally run licensed home care provider; there’s nothing you need to do!
Recession-proof-Britain does not have enough care homes.
This is an ethical investment which you will be making.
You will reap the benefits of this lucrative and ethical investment for an aging UK population.
There is already an experienced, caring, and highly trained support team on site.

What do I have to do next?
Decide which care home rooms for sale, UK you want to invest in. Use the handy hints in the section above, choosing a good care home.
How long do you want the investment term to last for?
Make your investment, sit back and let your money provide a solid income for you.

Care homes are needed throughout the UK, and with this type of investment popping up on the investor’s radar, it’s proving extremely popular. These funds are needed by the care homes, and this is why it’s an ethical investment to make. When the government drastically cut subsidizing care homes, it created an opportunity for investors to make money, but also keep these much-needed care homes in the UK, to a good level of care.  

This is your opportunity to invest in care home rooms for sale, UK where everyone reaps the benefits.

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