Corporate Clients

For UK residential restricted organizations proof of identity will be needed in connection to the organization itself and in addition the executives or shareholders.

Proof of the identity of the organization will generally involve:

  • the declaration of consolidation
  • a list of shareholders
  • a list of chiefs
  • the enlisted location

What’s more, proof of the identity of the chiefs and shareholders will be with respect to UK inhabitants as point by point above.

There are partitioned necessities for openly cited organizations and other corporate customers. If it’s not too much trouble approach your specialist for further subtle elements.



Again if there is more than one trustee then we will typically need to build up the identity of no less than two trustees. Under a few circumstances it might likewise be important to set up the identity of the settlor(s) and recipients.



At the point when representing more than one head or agent we will regularly need to build up the identity of no less than two people.


Residential Conveyancing

Why do we solicit you to give proof from your identity and location and which reports are satisfactory when offering and purchasing a property?

Under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007, specialists are obliged to affirm the identity and location of new and existing customers.

For UK inhabitants, confirmation of identity will typically be one of the accompanying unique records – duplicates are not ordinarily adequate:

  • current marked international ID
  • current UK or EEA photograph card driving permit
  • current full UK driving permit – old style temporary licenses are not worthy
  • benefit book or unique notice letter from the Benefits Agency affirming the right to advantages
  • an section in a neighborhood or national phone index affirming your name and address
  • building industry sub-foreman’s testament or CISA photograph enlistment card
  • firearms testament (from Chief Constable)
  • Freedom pass
  • P60 or P45 or Inland Revenue coding notification
  • police or other government office ID card
  • residency allow or Home Office outsider enlistment card

Furthermore, the most widely recognized proof of location is one of the accompanying – insofar as it was not additionally used to affirm your identity:

  • a late service bill (not over six months old) or proclamation, or a declaration from an utility supplier to pay for administrations on pre-installment terms; cell phone bills are not satisfactory
  • current full UK driving permit – old style temporary licenses are not adequate
  • bank, building society or credit union explanation or passbook containing your present location
  • benefit book or unique warning letter from the Benefits Agency affirming the privilege to advantages
  • house or engine protection endorsement
  • Council Tax bill
  • local power rent card or tenure understanding

On the off chance that you are not able to supply the above then please identify with your specialist who may have the capacity to recommend elective satisfactory proof.

In all cases we should take photocopies of all.

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