About us

UK Real Estate Investments is headquartered in London, UK. We give our valued clients a first-class service, whether they are buying land or property in the UK or at one of our foreign locations. We were founded in 2003, specializing in the UK. We are an award-winning business, represented in leading global newspapers and news channels that often quote UK real estate investment.

We pride ourselves on our unbiased and expert knowledge that we pass on to our clients in a professional and caring manner. We are regulated by UK law and are members of the appropriate UK professional associations. We are members of the Association of International Property Professionals (including the Property Ombudsman) (AIPP), National Association of Estate Agents (incorporating FOPDAC) (NAEA). We anticipate this will give you reassurance of purchasing your property via UK Real Estate Investments.

UK Real Estate Investments has done all the hard work already by sourcing the best sites and enjoying a good working relationship with the developers we are dealing with. We are a long-established business because we listen, we listen to you want and as we partner with only the very best developers we will deliver the best real estate to you, our loyal customers. Our goal is to simply match you with the ideal location and perfect property and we will be with you until completion in the process.

In our sector we are known for providing customer service and as a reputable business that in the UK has a wealth of experience in UK property and real estate. We would be able to give you the best property and place regardless of your budget whether this is a luxury home or the best value property we have for sale. Our testimonials speak for themselves we have many happy returning customers who are once again searching for our services because they trust us. If you are selling or purchasing a home, we use our tools in our capable hands to either achieve a fast sale or find the home you’ve always wanted.

UK Real Estate Investments would help you with whatever your property target is, with a huge range of properties to choose from, great locations and incredible properties to choose from. Just speak to us, tell us your needs and from there we will move forward. Take a look at our property showcase that you won’t be disappointed with and we and our team of agents will be happy to show you around.

This is an exciting time buying property, especially in the UK and we would be happy to be part of your journey.

Please contact us now at +44 20 8339 6036