Investment Property

What type of property investment can you make to secure your future? Are you looking to get on the first rung of the property ladder, or do you want to expand your property portfolio? If so, what better way than to purchase an investment property with buy-to-let.

Annual yields
How does an annual yield of 8% sound? It should sound great, as the UK average is currently 3-5%. Whatever your needs are when investing in UK property, we can guide you. In Liverpool and Manchester, in the northwest of England, these two cities offer a wide variety of properties for sale. They are also affordable and make a great first buy. Large corporations are also relocating to both cities, taking most of their workforce with them.

Buy to let properties.
Buy-to-let properties can be a fantastic investment opportunity. Generating up to 8% rental returns plus can serve as a perfect escape from your current career. As well as taking you far into your retirement, but only if you do it right! Like any significant investment, understanding the risks, legal necessities, and other complexities of property investing. It is vital to avoid wasting money on the wrong property or one that is not fit for purpose.

You can contact and devote unbiased service to help you navigate the dynamic world of a buy-to-let investment in property. But more than that, the agent will work to truly understand the desires and goals, bringing properties to you that complement your circumstances. And if you have a consultant, they’ll stay your consultant, so you’ll never have to think twice about your situation.

How to build your property portfolio?
If you are already an existing investor looking to grow your portfolio, you will already understand how property investment works. However, if you are a novice to investing in property and want to get on the first rung of the property ladder, we are here to guide you all the way.

We are here to assist you.
Let our experts lead you and give you solid advice about your next move. They will contact you to discuss your personal needs and goals, and advise you of the best properties available to begin to build your property portfolio. We can notify you of the best deals and investment tips and the best locations.

What would you like to know?
Contact us and ask anything you would like to understand more about property investment UK.

How do you source the investment properties?
We have extensively studied the market and done the requisite due diligence. We have met with the agents and picked the best locations, and we can share the best properties that the UK property market has to offer. We’ve been working hard to find the very best UK developers for you.
We will open up access to the best possible opportunities for you around the UK. And we will support you if you are interested in buy-to-let, serviced accommodation, or off-plan projects.

Is it possible to view the properties before investing?
Naturally, we would be happy to arrange a showing for you whenever possible. Viewings will not be feasible when it comes to new-build projects until the construction date is close. It’s due to the health and safety requirements for constructing sites, which we have to adhere too. However, it may also be possible to access the site externally.

Do I have to pay sourcing fees?
We don’t charge you any fees as opposed to most sourcing firms. We only link you to the very best agent we’ve identified. If you go ahead and buy a property from our handpicked partner, then we will receive a commission on your property exchange from them for the introduction. Please be assured that the price you pay for your property, will always be the best price possible.

When we decide on our partner companies, we look at their business expertise, the scope and breadth of opportunities they support, and their established credibility. We base our decisions on concrete values, which we believe will benefit our members and not on any incentives provided by these third parties.

How we can help you
Rest assured, is committed to giving you the best opportunities we can, and our members’ trust is, and always has been our primary goal. We pride ourselves on our ongoing commitment to our members, to continue to grow and expand to give you solid opportunities in investment properties. So, look no further than us to help you move forward in investment property, we are here to assist you.  

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